Photo Friday: New views of H Street, NE, Washington, DC USA

2017.09.07 New views of H Street NE, Washington, DC USA 8551
2017.09.07 New views of H Street NE, Washington, DC USA 8551 (View on

This week’s photograph was taken from a vantage point that didn’t exist a year ago, in the build up of H Street, NE in Washington, DC.

It’s fitting that the person who brought me to this place is the same one who introduced me to H Street, NE for the first time 6 years ago, Lygiea Ricciardi (@Lygiea), who in addition to being a champion for the future across many disciplines, is a wonderful community colleague, also across many disciplines.

I actually have the photographs from our first walk, which you can see here. I called the post “Resurgence of H Street,” which is now just resurging 6 years later…

I have written previously about H Street, NE, which has had a wonderful documentary made about it. As much as the idea of the cappuccino city is being discussed in a neighboring part of the city, Shaw (see: Thoughts and photos from the gilded ghetto | Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City, by Derek Hyra ), this neighborhood is a few years behind what is happening there. As with the rest of DC, it’s an opportunity to learn about creating places where everyone has what they need.

The rest of the photos from this series are below. Enjoy.


Ted Eytan, MD