Photo Friday & Thanks for publishing my photo, DCist, in Morning Roundup

2017.09.01 Scenes from Shaw, Washington, DC USA 8375-HDR
2017.09.01 Scenes from Shaw, Washington, DC USA 8375-HDR (View on

Thanks for publishing my selection for this week’s photo Friday, @DCist. It was taken in the Shaw Neighborhood in Washington, DC, where a dog park, a soccer field, a basketball court, and a skateboard park all co-exist, together, and separately. It’s an example given of micro-segration in Derek Hyra’s (@DerekHyra) book Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City.

I’m going to post on the book soon – before I did that I wanted to walk around and see if I saw what the author saw. Some of it, I do, and it makes me think, which is what scholarly works should do. Especially ones about places I love.

The rest of my photos on this particular walk are below. See if you can see the contrasts of people and activities, within just feet of each other.

These scenes don’t change my believe that as Washington, DC goes, so goes the nation.

Source: Morning Roundup: Opening Of New Metro Station Is Delayed Again: DCist

Ted Eytan, MD