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2017.07.13 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 7391
2017.07.13 DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 7391 (View on

Thanks for publishing my photograph, @ggwash. It’s of Elizabeth Taylor in love with Washington, DC (and so am I).

As I write this, I’m reading Derek Hyra’s (@DerekHyra) Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City, which chronicles the changes that have been happening in this neighborhood. This place and image probably represent a lot of that change.

I’ll post on the book when I’ve finished it. However/and I think it’s important to know the story behind this mural – it is not a story of entitlement, rather one of vulnerability and resilience.

Had a rough week? We’ve picked out five pieces of art from the Greater and Lesser Washington Flickr pool to brighten your Friday. Happy weekend from all of us at GGWash!

Source: Art to make you smile in the Flickr pool – Greater Greater Washington

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