Thanks for using my photo, @DailyDot, in Study Reveals Over Half of American Parents Would Support a Trans Child & for being a journalistic exemplar

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  1. Thanks again, DailyDot (@DailyDot) for using one of my photographs to illustrate one of your articles.
  2. Also, thanks again, DailyDot for being an exemplar in the journalistic community when it comes to accuracy in the media.
    • I recently terminated the license to use my photos from another outlet that did not adhere to scientific standards in discussing transgender person health issues.
    • I work with media outlets differently, based on the behavior, always with an interest in education.
    • The other example crossed the line (I’d say it leaped over it) of compassion and human behavior. Interestingly I’ve learned that it’s a well read publication, I had no idea. Oh well.
    • In any event, when the headline of the press release that this article referenced contained terminology errors repeated in this piece (I’ll post on that later), the DailyDot team immediately corrected it.
    • This may seem like a small thing but consistency and accuracy in a world where most people have not met a person who is transgender (that they know of) is important for health. Thanks, DailyDot for being responsible. I’ve praised them before and I’m doing it again. Other outlets, like @USAToday, like @NPR, can and should learn something from this team. I’ll be direct here – it’s easy for a journalist to find and use a proper style guide, and saying (as @USAToday did) that “we didn’t have time to be accurate so instead we worked to be inaccurate” is not acceptable for this profession. Imagine a physician telling a patient that….
  3. The survey referenced is important, adding to what we already know, with other good studies, that children and adolescents with diagnosed gender dysphoria mature to productive, healthy adults, with proper medical care and family support. It’s just science.

A study conducted by Harris Poll reveals over half of American parents would support a transgender teenager, with women more likely to overall.Source: Study Reveals Over Half of American Parents Would Support a Trans Child

There was some discussion on facebook about whether to work with publications who get it wrong or not. As I said in the post on this matter, and in my termination notice to the publication, I am happy to educate anyone (or even better, point them to education offered by a trans person who has the time and energy to provide it). At the same time, there’s a leadership principle that says, focus 80% of time on people who are performing well, rather than the opposite. So it’s not that anyone loses, it’s that love always wins.

Because Life is Amazing and We Can: My 5th Capital TransPride

This century continues to be fantastic.

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