Thanks for removing my photo from your website

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Terminating the license to use one of my photographs provides as much an educational moment as thanking for the use of my photos. And they even replaced my photo with one of a transgender pride flag.

I count 1,198 placements of my photos on various websites, media outlets, and blogs. Only two termination notices in the last year. Love does always win.

Love: 1, Transphobia: 0.

Ahoy The Federalist!

I see that you’ve used this photo of mine in this post of yours:

-link redacted due to triggering content-

As it is being used to promote non-scientific and inaccurate health information, license to use the photo is revoked. Please remove my photograph from this web page immediately.

I am happy to educate you on the science behind gender at your convenience. The article is wrong from the first sentence, even from the title — sex and gender are two different things. Your quest for inaccuracy is impressive.

At least know that life is good for all of us humans in the 21st Century, trust me, I’m a doctor :).

All the best for a more informed future for you and the people you humbly serve.

Please let me know when the photo is removed and have a great day.

Ted Eytan, MD

I’ve removed your photo both from the website and deleted it entirely from our website database.

Managing Editor, The Federalist


Thank you for handling the termination of your license to use my work quickly and professionally.


Ted Eytan, MD (“he,him”)
Washington, DC USA

I’ve written about how all of this works, which you can read here.

Source: link redacted due to triggering content

Ted Eytan, MD