The Greatest Generation Walk and #TransVisibility, San Diego, CA USA

2017.08.03 #LowCarbSanDiego San Diego CA USA 7891
2017.08.03 #LowCarbSanDiego San Diego CA USA 7891 (View on

While here for a continuing medical education course (more on that later), I happened upon this community honorarium / art installation at the Port of San Diego (@portofsandiego). When I learned that my community colleague Connie Rice has served on the USS Midway, I realized that the people depicted in the sculptures exist across the spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation, by definition. They are all human. So to my eyes, these works of art are really statements of visibility, including transgender person visibility.

Everywhere I walk I learn something new đŸ™‚ .

Thank you for your service. Enjoy the rest of the photos below.

The Greatest Generation Collection, as well as the other military memorials in the park, honor and celebrate the people, events and military heritage spanning the time from World War II to today. Located in the shadow of the decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway, the artworks and provide a magnificent setting in which to learn, remember and become inspired.Greatest Generation


Please explain what you mean by these photos illustrating #transvisibility. Are you just saying that diversity exists everywhere, whether or not it’s explicitly pointed out?

Hey Dave,

Exactly. It’s incorrect to believe that these faces represent a certain gender identity and/or sexual orientation, because we know that they may be of any gender or sexual orientation, regardless of appearance. The fact that I know someone who served on the USS Midway who is transgender made this clear to me as I walked through the sculptures. It’s a wonderful realization, humans exist everywhere đŸ™‚

Ted Eytan, MD