Thanks for using my photo and for the fantastic visualization – Mapping D.C.’s nightlife boom – @DCPolicyCenter @DataLensDC

2017.04.11 Cherry Blossom Pop-up Bar, Washington, DC USA 02286
2017.04.11 Cherry Blossom Pop-up Bar, Washington, DC USA 02286 (View on

Sometimes I can’t stand how engaging @DCPolicyCenter’s work is. I definitely recommend clicking through to the piece and using the dynamic visualization of the changing pattern of nighttime entertainment in Washington, DC. This is especially relevant given the recent announcement that Town Danceboutique is closing. If you look at the map, you can see that in 2008, when it opened, it was a relative trailblazer, and probably shaped the growth of this part of Washington, DC.

Oh, and thanks for using my photograph to illustrate the piece 🙂 . Another publication I respect (@ggwash) recently used it, and I describe it a little in that post.

Liquor licenses for bars, clubs, and restaurants in D.C. have increased by over 50% since 2008 and expanded the footprint of the District’s nightlife.

Source: Mapping D.C.’s nightlife boom – D.C. Policy Center

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