Thanks for publishing my photo @GayTimesMagazine, the best LGBT cities list has a major flaw, however :).

Madrid Pride Orgullo 2015 58837
Madrid Pride Orgullo 2015 58837 (View on

Thanks for publishing my photo Gay Times Magazine (@GayTimesMag). It’s of Madrid Orgullo (Pride) (@MadridOrgullo), the largest in Europe.

I however take issue with the survey, which omits Washington, DC from the list of 100. How can that be? Here’s my suggestion letter:

Hello Nestpick!

I found your cities ranking because the GayTimes used my photo of Madrid in their story on your rankings (which is great, love Madrid!)

However/and, you have got to be kidding that Beijing China is one of the top LGBTQ cities in the world and Washington, DC is nowhere to be seen. For your information, Washington, DC has the highest percentage of LGBTQ adults in the United States (10%, compared to 4.1% for the US) and the highest percentage of transgender human beings in the United States (2.77% of the population vs 0.6% for the rest of the U.S.). In addition, Washington, DC is the most protective of LGBTQ people in the United States by policy, in health care, safety, and human rights.

I understand that your methodology has limitations, but this omission is glaring and calls the credibility of your survey into question…just letting you know from an enthusiastic DC-Dweller 🙂 I’ll post this on my blog shortly since GayTimes used my photo, thought I’d let you know directly as well.

All the best from the capital of the USA.

The results might surprise you…

Source: Can you guess which city has been named the best for LGBT+ people?

Ted Eytan, MD