Thanks for Publishing my Photo @WalrusMagazine in The Business Case for Sexual Diversity 

2017.06.05 Pride DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 6054
2017.06.05 Pride DC People and Places, Washington, DC USA 6054 (View on

Thanks for using my photo, Canada’s Walrus Magazine (@WalrusMagazine). It’s of a rainbow-flag adorned Washington, DC at this year’s LGBTQ Pride celebration. I have never seen as many rainbow (and transgender pride) flags spread across Washington, East, West, North, South.

By the way, regarding the article, there is a large quantity of data showing that diversity enhances productivity and profitability in the workplace. Not to mention that from a biological perspective, it allows the human species to survive.

The world is learning to love better, and Washington, DC is the capital of that movement 🙂 . More photos from this series below, enjoy.

Being visibly out at your job is not only a question of justice—it also makes for a better workplace

Source: The Business Case for Sexual Diversity · The Walrus


As always your colors are stunning, which I imagine is part of why (in addition to your copious tagging) your pix seem to be getting published every frickin’ DAY … it’s become the Ted’s Published Photos blog! 🙂

Always with a purpose, though, and a point … the photos don’t just snap, they illustrate.


Innovation is meant to be shared, right? And yes, as you say, no photo is just a snapshot, each one is designed to send a message …. 🙂

Ted Eytan, MD