Thanks for publishing my photos in A timeline of LGBTQ places and spaces in D.C. – D.C. Policy Center

2016.06.11 LGBTQ Pride in Washington, DC USA 05650
2016.06.11 LGBTQ Pride in Washington, DC USA 05650 (View on

An interactive map of places and spaces important to the LGBT community in D.C. over more than 50 years, using data from the Rainbow History Project.

Source: A timeline of LGBT places and spaces in D.C. – D.C. Policy Center(@DCPolicyCenter)

I am always honored when the DC Policy Center (@DCPolicyCenter) uses my photographs, this is a special honor.

I just finished reading Cleve Jones’ When We Rise: My Life in the Movement (posting on that soon), and as a history geek, I lamented that there weren’t more photographs captured of the movement.

If I ever write a book (a big if), it would likely be about the history of the LGBTQ movement as I have seen it in the last 10 years. It’s been a privilege to capture some of its most important moments, in the most defining leadership moments of our time.

To assist in the creation of this piece, I selected some photographs from my collection. It’s important to include celebrations as well as the challenging times. And I haven’t included all of the communities (plural) of LGBTQ humanity.

First, the #LGBTQ community has never given up on a struggle, even if it took decades to achieve. And second, in the end, they always win.– Jerome Pohlen

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