Thanks for publishing my photo, SiliconAngle, in Tech CEOs support transgender rights, although I prefer this one…

Transgender Bathroom Awareness Poster lgbtplusbristol 50079
Transgender Bathroom Awareness Poster lgbtplusbristol 50079 (View on

I like this one better because it’s a well thought out reminder that understanding gender identity has a solid basis in science, and in 2017, the combined medical and nursing professions agree:

Excluding Transgender Individuals From Facilities Consistent With Their Gender Identity Endangers Their Physical And Mental Health, Safety, And Well-Being.Friend of the court brief for Gavin Grimm, on behalf of organizations representing 350,000 physicians and over 4,000,000 nurses

And, beyond asking to end to end discrimination, do this too

Thanks to Marc Benioff (@benioff) for asking to end discrimination. There’s another thing that can be done, in the in the beautiful words of Ruby Corado (@CasaRubyDC)

“My job is to restore dignity. Society told them that they were not beautiful, they were not amazing, that they will never make it. A big part of my job is to reassure them that they were lied to. And once I’m able to do that, I want them to dream.”
Ruby Corado, United Shades of America, CNN, May, 2017

I and the medical profession will definitely provide this reassurance 🙂 .

Thank you SiliconAlley (@SiliconAlley)

Many of the biggest names in tech industry raised concerns over the weekend regarding a Texas bill that would require transgender people to use the bathroom allocated for their official sex stated on

Source: Tech CEOs oppose Texas ‘bathroom bill’ in ongoing support of transgender rights – SiliconANGLE (@SiliconAngle)

(Here’s the photo they actually used)

Gender Neutral Restroom Washington DC USA 49490
Gender Neutral Restroom Washington DC USA 49490 (View on

I actually maintain a collection of photographs of all gender restrooms from around the world here. Feel free to use, with the caveat in the description of the above photo (in a nutshell, any use that is deemed transphobic will have license revoked immediately – it’s my photo 🙂 ).

PS, do not refer to these bills as ‘bathroom bills’

A reminder that this issue is not about bathrooms and these bills should not be called “bathroom bills” – that language is inappropriate. Instead, they should be referred to as bills that deny the right of human beings to exist based on their identity.

Ted Eytan, MD