Photo Friday: Why I’m going to my 5th Capital TransPride This Weekend

2017.05.18 Capital TransPride Producers, Washington, DC USA 4983
2017.05.18 Capital TransPride Producers, Washington, DC USA 4983 (View on

My 2013 Answer: Because I and my fellow physicians went into medicine to support the ability of every human being to achieve their life goals. (See original blog post)

My 2017 Answer: Because life is amazing, and we can šŸ™‚ .

For those unfamiliar with Washington, DC, this is the 14th Street, NW walk of fame in front of Whitman-Walker Health (@whitmanwalker – our most awesome planning meeting host), just a few steps down from the former First Lady’s Cycling Studio.

Full schedule for : 2017 Capital Trans Pride (@TransprideDC)

Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States is a proud sponsor for the 5th year.

First, the #LGBTQ community has never given up on a struggle, even if it took decades to achieve. And second, in the end, they always win.– Jerome Pohlen

More photos below, of the Capital TransPride producers team.

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