Flushing my e-mail list: Time to resubscribe or this is your last e-mail update

This blog is now nearing 10 years (!) of existence, and has an e-mail list that old to go along with it.

If you’re like me these days, staying at Inbox Zero requires constant vigilance, and usually (fortunately) I’m successful. In addition, the email system I’ve using is showing its age and needs to be retired.

I’m flushing all email addresses including yours

To support healthy communication, I’m flushing the email addresses of people who subscribe to this blog. If you’re reading this message on your email, then you’re on that list.

After this message, you won’t be on any list that I have, so consider this an automatic opt-out. You don’t need to do anything else.

Starting over – Resubscribe if interested

If you’d like to keep receiving updates from this blog via email, please resubscribe, and go through double opt-in. Enter your information, and then click to confirm the email that you’ll be sent after.

Click here to resubscribe to this blog as a daily or weekly update

I’ve added an additional option “Random” to receive two posts from anytime in the last 10 years, once a week. Why not.

If you are into the visuals, I’ve been maintaining a separate blog of just my photos. You can subscribe to those updates separately. That blog is more visual, no text, more photos (of Washington, DC mostly of course)

If this is our last email communication from my blog, I hope you enjoyed the experience. If you’re staying on, look forward to my 10-years (really, it’s 12) of blogging post. Coming soon-ish.

Either way, greetings from Washington, DC & the future. They are both still as wonderful as they were to me 10 years ago 🙂 .

Ted Eytan, MD