Photo Friday: A Sunset Scene More Beautiful Than the Last, Washington, DC USA

2017.05.01 Capital TransPride Producers, Washington, DC USA 4386
2017.05.01 Capital TransPride Producers, Washington, DC USA 4386 (View on

This week’s photo was taken from Whitman Walker Health (@WhitmanWalker), the gracious and supportive hosts of the Capital Transpride (@TransPrideDC) Producers Group. You can see the Washington Hilton on the far right, with the National Cathedral behind it. The Cairo is in the foreground.

This westward view looks on to the “haves” toward the dividing line of the city where health and opportunity is better. I’ll be posting on that later.

The thing about this time of year is that every time you look up, the sky and city light up and become more gorgeous than the last time you looked up. This is on top of the already most-gorgeous-capital-city view that we enjoy every moment here.

This was happening while the Producers group was going through this year’s Capital TransPride event, just days away. Our discussion touched on issues of acceptance, authenticity, the creation of safe spaces, and the fact that many people from around the United States are moving to Washington, DC now seeking these things. And why shouldn’t they, the result will be that more of the future will continue to be born here, and the sunsets will become even more beautiful (I don’t know if such a thing is possible 🙂 ).

Enjoy the rest of the photos.

Ted Eytan, MD