Photo Friday: Marches help us visualize #CarFreeDC

2017.04.22 Science March Washington, DC USA 4073
2017.04.22 Science March Washington, DC USA 4073 (View on

As the title of the post says, one of the wonderful opportunities of the many marches and protests is that they create car-free days in Washington, DC. I have been proudly #carfreeDC ever since I came here, and that’s also been wonderful.

There’s pretty good research showing that what used create a sense of freedom, owning a car, has now flipped – the freedom comes from not owning one.

And, Washington, DC is nation leading in being car-free. Statistics in this post from 2015

Car-Free Generation Y, Washington, DC #ActiveTransportation

Less people in cars means less crashes and fatalities (learn more @DCVisionZero). Yet another aspect of society where the future is born (here).

More photos from the march where this was taken, the science march (@ScienceMarchDC), below

Ted Eytan, MD