What I Learned at DC Tech Meetup

2017.04.17 DC Tech Meetup, Washington, DC USA 02487
2017.04.17 DC Tech Meetup, Washington, DC USA 02487 (View on Flickr.com)

I keep going to @DCTechMeetup because the venues are so great…and it’s DC (of course). This time, the new venue was The Washington Post (@WashingtonPost), and the theme was tech for good.

I learned

  • The tech universe is more diverse than people realize
  • There are a lot of entrepreneurs doing the things that are not recognized/reimbursed in society (sounds familiar 🙂 )
  • Google Glass is still a thing, which of course I had to investigate, and caused me to miss a few of the demos (wherever you are is always the right place)
  • Online news is still growing up – interesting presentation by Washington Post Engineering (@WapoEngineering) and background about the way a newsroom works and how the social cues can be enabled by technology (also sounds familiar) – see this post Digital News Planning – Developer Blog – The Washington Post

Photos below, until next time, thanks for hosting!

Ted Eytan, MD