Thanks for publishing my photos – H Street Corridor: From New West to Old East

In 2009, the H Street Corridor was considered an up-and-coming neighborhood in DC. In 2016, that moniker is no longer appropriate.

Source: H Street Corridor: From New West to Old East

Thanks UrbanTurf (@UrbanTurf_DC), for publishing a series of photos of the H Street NE Corridor in Washington, DC, as part of a piece on the neighborhood, linked above.

In my previous post about this series, I touched on some of the history of H Street, NE. Here’s a little bit more:

Click on this link to see the corner of 8th and H Streets, NE, following the riots that destroyed Washington, DC after the assasination of Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968.

Here’s the same corner in 2016. It’s being destroyed for the 3rd time (the 2nd time was during the cocaine epidemic in the 1980’s)

2016.08.19 H Street NE Washington DC USA 07475
2016.08.19 H Street NE Washington DC USA 07475 (View on

The rest of the photos from the shoot are below and the completed UrbanTurf piece is here.

As I wrote when this work was originally requested, I don’t do work on commission.

I made an exception this time because

  • I love Washington, DC
  • Payment is being directed to a vital community organization operating on H Street, NE, HIPS (@HIPSdc).
  • My friends and colleagues Sangeeta Iyer, MD and Consuella Lopez (@ConsuellaLopez) work with HIPS; payment will be made in their names.

I support Washington, DC and I support Sangeeta, Consuella, the future, and the beauty of hope and change for the future.

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