Bringing Science and Design together for a Healthier World: WELL Building Standard Preliminary Audit

2016.08.09 Delos Living Preliminary Audit 01014
2016.08.09 Delos Living Preliminary Audit 01014 (View on

Yesterday we completed our preliminary audit on the way to full WELL (@WELLCertified) certification (see: Just Read: The WELL Building Standard – promoting health for the people inside ) at the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth).

The audit includes testing of air, sound, light, and water, performed by an objective third party, in this case Delos (@DelosLiving). As most things I have encountered as a physician in the total health space, I learned that there is much more in our environments that can be measured and managed that we are taught about in medical school.

Fortunately though, there are fellow professionals in health, who are working along side us to make all of our work more impactful. You can see from the photos that the work involves applied science and the judgement to understand what is the best environment for the task. Many of the improvements to be made are not costly, all that’s needed is to know what’s needed. There are a few things like this in health where such is the case. Take advantage 🙂 .

Thanks to the designers, chemical engineers, environmental stewardship officers, who spend their time on our health so we can spend time on our lives.

2016.08.09 Delos Living Preliminary Audit 01044
2016.08.09 Delos Living Preliminary Audit 01044 – Left to Right: Brendan O’Grady, WELL AP, Delos, Madeline Evans, WELL AP, LEED Green Associate, Delos, Kathy Gerwig, Vice President of Employee Safety, Health and Wellness, and Environmental Stewardship Officer at Kaiser Permanente, Carol Corr, AIA, LEED GA, EDAC, Design Program Manager, National Planning and Design, National Facilities Services, Kaiser Permanente (View on

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