MakerDocsDC July: The Circuitous Route and Creating Weather Systems

2016.07.26 MakerDocsDC 00985
With Shami Feinglass, MD, MPH (@SFeinglass) and Nishi Rawat, MD | 2016.07.26 MakerDocsDC 00985 (View on

I think we decided that this photo has the best composition. The alternate is here.

In any event, I continue to love the sharing of experiences and people that happen every month. It’s always diverse, and the opposite of diversity is boredom.

This time, we spoke about the circuitous route that a MakerDoc takes in so many things, what disciplined innovation can look like at organization that practice it, and the concept of innovators as weather systems.

Just as the Airbus 380 creates a hurricane behind it forcing air traffic to readjust, so can the MakerDoc, hopefully with good effect.

Here’s what the wind vortex behind an A380 looks like. Watch to the end.

See you next month-ish.

Ted Eytan, MD