Photo Friday: Sunset over the Silicon Wadi, Herzliya Beach, Israel

2016.07.07 Tel Aviv People and Places 06752
2016.07.07 Tel Aviv People and Places 06752 (View on

Several people have asked me if I photoshopped this. I took it at sunset at the beach at Herzliya, Israel (@CityofHerzliya), which is a central part of the “Silicon Wadi” (Hebrew for “Silicon Valley”), where some/most of the largest tech companies in the world operate. If you’re using a computer to read this, the microprocessor inside it was likely designed in Israel, not far from here.

You can read more about the Silicon Wadi here: Tales from Silicon wadi | The Economist

Back to the photoshop question. The image that came from my camera was washed out by the intense sunlight, so what I did was intensify the colors to match what my eyes actually saw. So this is what it looked like when I was there.

Here are the rest of the photos from my walk. It capped a day of learning about my heritage in other parts of Tel Aviv and reminds of the miracle that being alive is for all of us.

Ted Eytan, MD