MakerDocsDC, June 2016, Guest Star Edition

2016.06.27 MakerDocsDC 00669
MakerDocsDC, June 2016. Left to Right, Nishi Rawat, MD, Ted Eytan, MD (@tedeytan), Brian Miller, MD (@4_BetterHealth), Hassan Tetteh, MD (@DoctorTetteh), Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD (@DoctorJesseMD) (View on

Actually they are all stars to me, and patient teachers, walking us through what all the symbols on their uniforms mean.

It was a nice and welcome surprise to have Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH (@DoctorJesseMD) join us, as the guest of Hassan Tetteh, MD (@DoctorTetteh). Jesse has been a terrific leader and inspiration in the area of LGBTQ health, across multiple dimensions, in addition to all of his service roles in medical education and organized medicine.

MakerDocs make things, often things the rest of health and health care doesn’t know they need, until later. Sometimes they’re health activists, too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Actually that part is kind of cool, and lifesaving (How Two AMA Gay Activist MDs Swayed Delegates on Gun Violence) It’s what our patients expect.

This group of physicians is also curious….

Until next month!

Ted Eytan, MD