The Walking Gallery at 5 years

June 7, 2011

TheWalkingGallery 2177
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June 15, 2016

2016.06.15 Better Together Health with Council of Accountable Physician Practices 00564
2016.06.15 Better Together Health with Council of Accountable Physician Practices 00564 (View on
1 artist in 2011, 43 in 2016. A few jackets in 2011 (My first is #11), over 400 in 2016.

It’s been exactly 5 years since Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday) conceived the first one, and a most important milestone passed (for me) : Regina actually painting inside the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth).

Organizations and cultures change. So do people – the statement (among many) that most impressed me in 2016 was when Regina told me that her painting has gotten much better since 2011. I was wondering how that could be, but on reflection, so has my photography. People get better with time, too.

One thing that hasn’t changed was what a complete stranger said to me in the elevator – “I wanna see the back of your jacket.” – be my guest. 

Unfortunately, Regina has really mellowed out, she’s lost her passion – just kidding!

I got to see her again in her role as panelist along with several other passionate leaders at Better Together Health, hosted by the Council of Accountable Physician Practices. I was assigned as her personal host, which she quipped was really the role of “managing the activist.” But really who’s managing who 🙂 . For the handful of humans that I know that are like Regina, on a mission, my simple advice always holds true – just don’t say no to her. And why would we want to anyway, I like this crazy life ride.

Thanks to CAPP (@AccountableDocs) for saying yes to Regina, and to the patient, the person we are here for.

If you want to flash back to 2011, be my guest. If you want to flash forward to 2016, you can do the same.

There are lots of cool moments in our relationship that are scattered all over this blog, feel free to surf around as well.

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