Light City Baltimore Health Innovation and Sustainability Conference: Photos Day 2

2016.03.31 Light City - 2  03903
2016.03.31 Light City – 2 03903 (View on

Day 2 of the Light City U (@LightCityU) Health Innovation Conference combined with the Sustainability Conference, and I would say it was a huge success, and not because I was the emcee.

It was a success because the experiences brought to the audience cover the comprehensive world of health. From smarter lighting systems (@smartlight_erc) to a sustainable Chesapeake Bay (@ChesapeakeBay). Less about technology, more about what is done with it. Less about buying the box, more about leadership in using the box well.

See for yourself. If you’re wondering why I didn’t take any photographs of the actual lights from Light City, it’s because I was indoors, engaging in presenter/audience-centered care. Not to worry, there were far more expert photographers and videographers on the scene at all times.

Did I mention I have never emceed a conference before? Well, I’m a family physician, we’re flexible 🙂 . And not to worry, I still got plenty of physical activity. No passivity on my watch.

Thanks again to the Light City Baltimore (@LightCityBmore) team and Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States (@KPMidAtlantic) to take part. As Jamie McDonald (@genero_city), the Volunteer Chair for Light City said, this is about creating a social movement.

One of the best quotes about this comes from an LGBTQ activist who said

“History isn’t something you look back at and say it was inevitable”

2016.03.31 Light City - 2  03917
2016.03.31 Light City – 2 03917 (View on

Enjoy, all photos creative commons licensed (of course).

Ted Eytan, MD