Photo Friday: Representing Kaiser Permanente as it receives its 100% HRC Corporate Equality Index award

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Very few hospitals and academic medical centers (actually none, zero) achieved 100% on the Human Rights Campaign (@HRC) Corporate Equality Index for #LGBTQ employees in 2016.

Except for Kaiser Permanente, which again scored a perfect 100%, with 406 other best places to work in the United States for LGBTQ (and really all) human beings.

My awesome colleague Bianca Rey (@BiancaRey) and I are pictured here, getting ready to receive KP’s 100% award in New York next week, at Washington, DC’s Union Kitchen (@UnionKitchenDC).

This is different from the Human Rights Campaign Healthcare Equality Index because it addresses how employees are treated by their organizations, across industries, not just health care. The HEI also does not rate using a percentage score. CEI, on the other hand, has specific criteria around promoting equal opportunity in the workplace. Ideally an organization should be 100% on the CEI and a “Leader” on the HEI. Kaiser Permanente is the only health system in the United States that is both.

100% on the Corporate Equality index - Kaiser Permanente

Doctors, nurses, and health leaders know, Equality Equals Health, which includes the places where we provide care, as well as the cities and communities that thrive with active transportation, locally sourced food, and that protect their residents’ opportunity to achieve their life goals. That’s Washington, DC :).

I’ll post photos from the event, of course. Equality looks good on everyone.

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