Infographic Friday: Everyone will Win with #ActiveTransportation

The future city is not about how many personal cars can fit down a street, it’s about how many people can.

Source: Everyone Will Win – AIA Dallas

This week’s image is Washington, DC relevant, since 38% of DC households don’t have a car, and 88% of new households don’t have a car.

Right now, bike lanes and segregated cycle tracks are expanding (2015 in DC Bike Lanes | Washington Area Bicyclist Association), with one track’s proposals open for comment by the community – Eastern Downtown
Protected Bike Lane Study

This clever infographic, produced by the American Institute of Architects – Dallas (@AIADallas), shows that as active transportation begins to grow in a city, it doesn’t have to do so at the expense of people who need to travel by car. Enjoy the perspective, and thank you, architects, for thinking total health!

Ted Eytan, MD