A few photos on the way to the future, with Alliance of Community Health Plans

2016.03.09 ACHP CEO Reception - Welcoming Ceci Connolly - Center for Total Health 03-45
ACHP CEO Reception – Welcoming Ceci Connolly – Center for Total Health (View on Flickr.com)

I’ve been connected/mentored/a fan of the people and member organizations of the Alliance of Community Health Plans (@_ACHP) actually almost since the beginning of my working career, even prior to me being at Kaiser Permanente.

The people and members of ACHP were the ones who said, “come and tell us about patients e-mailing their doctors, we want to learn more,” in a sea of others saying, “why would patients email their doctors?” And it’s been the same for every health innovation a person could dream of ever since.

ACHP and its people have made Washington, DC a more gentle place for people learning how to create change like me, a simple family doctor from Arizona. Washington, DC is amazing for sure, and, every place can be made more gentle. It’s one of the most important reasons health care should exist.

Add to all of that they out-innovated us at the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHeath) with their 60 second planks program: Championing Health In The Workplace – ACHP. We like creative pressure like this.

On Tuesday we were delighted to host the welcome reception for ACHP’s CEO and President Ceci Connolly (@CeciConnolly), which was a great reacquaintance and an acquaintance with a portfolio of passions around health.

From active transportation to LGBTQ health to broadcast media, it was all represented. These are the things – the “H” part of health plan – that we should care about in the 21st Century, in addition to health care, which is a verb, not a noun. Seat belt fastened. Let’s go!

Ted Eytan, MD