Photo Friday: “Just be a Mom” Jeanne White-Ginder on the 25th Anniversary of the Ryan White Care Act

2016.03.02 25th Anniversary of Ryan White Care Act 03288
2016.03.02 25th Anniversary of Ryan White Care Act 03288 (View on

Through and because of the work of Phil Kucab (@PhillipKucab) I was honored to see and meet Jeanne White-Ginder, who was in Washington, DC on the 25th Anniversary of the Ryan White Care Act.

Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) and Jim McDermott (@RepJimMcDermott) reminded the audience in their comments that the world was once an unkind place for people it didn’t understand, and, more importantly, the kindness and societal transformation that arose as a result.

I actually quoted Nancy Pelosi on this blog 6 years ago, when she said this (“Shattered ceilings, doors, and computer screens – Speaker of the United States House Nancy Pelosi and Regina Holliday“), that I still remember to this day.

“When I was sworn in for my first term, I was advised not to say very much. However, I was given the floor as the newest representative, to address the Congress. I said,”I came from San Francisco to fight for funding for HIV and AIDS.

They approached me afterwards and said, “Is that the first impression you want to create with these people?”

I said,”well that’s what I came here to do.”

We now know in 2016 that physicians harbor the same conscious and unconscious biases of the community they are a part of – they are not special or less biased than the people that they serve.

Their behavior as a profession during the time Ryan White was alive, at times profoundly unethical, left a mark, and also created a generation of physicians today who are changing everything, which includes Phil, who will be receiving his M.D. degree shortly. That’s what they/we came here to do.

Rest of the photos below, including the scrapbook that Jeanne brought of memories from Ryan’s life. Enjoy.

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