Co-Mentorship at #PrevMed16

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Whenever I hang out with specialists in preventive medicine, I always rediscover that I’m a groupie/separated at birth. Preventive Medicine takes the diversity of medicine and family medicine, and raises it up a few levels.

Where else am I going to find doctors who are as interested in talking about the food choices being made for us in our work lives as well as the health of our built environment, as national leaders in lifestyle medicine?

In my co-mentorship group at Preventive Medicine 2016 with Wayne Dysinger, MD, MPH (@lifestylemedpc) and Sara Goldgraben, MD (+ MPH, MBA coming soon) (@GoldgrabenMD), we covered the spectrum, generationally and educationally. I am family medicine. Wayne is family medicine plus preventive medicine, Sara is preventive medicine. In 2016, choices are good. Enjoying what you do matters. I remember a time during my time and the time before mine when there were no choices.

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In my other co-mentorship group, with Shami Feinglass, MD MPH (@Feinglass), Donna Cryer, JD (@DCPatient), Charlene Brown, MD, MPH (@ReciprocalDoc), and 30 physicians of the future, we covered changing the world through communication. I discovered during the course of our session that I am probably a parody/court jester of everything involving being different. As Donna described all the little things that set people apart in environments – colorful clothing (Regina Holliday Walking Jacket, check), Buttons (OneDC button, check), Different shoes (Camouflage running shoes, for #activetransportation, check). Why can’t I just be compliant. Oh that’s right, I can’t.

Our session together (or the first part, that I was in), centered a little be on social media, but really we don’t want to be prescriptive about that. This specialty brings a group of diverse individuals to the medical profession that compliment their peers in their leadership, research and teaching. We/they are interested in being heard, and appreciated for what they bring to health.

Diversity helps the medical profession do its best work, and really, enables the human species to survive 🙂 .

Worth a trip to the City of Crystals. And I’ll probably go back.


Ted Eytan, MD