Re: My Walking Jackets – Couple of Asks from Regina Holliday

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I hope you see you again soon. Meanwhile,

1. Do you have a story you want to share about any actions or changes that resulted from you wearing your Walking Gallery jacket in public?

2. I am creating Pinterest board to make our stories easier to find, so I will be linking your blog posts about your jackets there…


When I look back at my almost 5 years of being part of the Walking Gallery (I have two jackets, you can read about them here: My Walking Gallery Jackets, #147 (2012) and #11 (2011)) I realize that I wear them to empower others, and empower myself when needed.

The photograph at the top of this post was taken on November 22, 2013 on a day I needed a little extra courage, because I was going to introduce a room full of colleagues to people that medicine has had difficulty learning about and caring for. I took a deep breath, put on the jacket, and let the people tell their own stories, which they did beautifully.

In 2015, I wore my jacket as the first man (barely) at 2015’s XXinHealth (see: And I was the man (barely): XX in Health 2015).

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When Robin Strongin (@disruptivewomen) asked me to explain what the jacket meant to the women there, I hurriedly captured this snapshot of the jacket and my story to explain it to the audience. One thing I have learned – when wearing the jacket, have the story handy, you will be asked to share it.

I guess, then, the actions and changes happen when I’m wearing the jacket – I reinforce to myself and the people around me who I am and the people/ideals I am doing things for.

If I forget, I’m reminded by a co-worker, a friend, a stranger, who tap me on the shoulder while I’m wearing the jacket. Each tap is a reminder that as much as we think people aren’t engaged (in health, life, the world around them), they are, in the kindest way.

I generate at least one, if not several referrals to Regina from every “wear event.” And I see that Robin herself just recently received her very own jacket 🙂 . The Walking Gallery is a very contagious innovation.

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I once got to show the namesake of my first jacket, Regina Benjamin, MD, the jacket itself, which was exciting.

The jackets have also introduced me to a wonderful community of people who believe everything is possible, because it is. I willingly signed up in 2012 for jacket #2 (to me, #147 to The Walking Gallery) knowing that it would be the story of me versus the story of someone else. I was ready then, and I’m ready now, to bring all of myself to to the times where it’s helpful to show that people matter and the human spirit is limitless.

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Such a magical thing that some fabric, paint, and a brilliant artist can make happen…

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Ted Eytan, MD