Video Friday: Population growth = more snowball fights, Washington, DC USA

This is a video that I shot and produced at this year’s snowball fights. You could call it a sequel to the one I did in 2010.

As of 2014, Washington, DC has 54,000 more people than it did in 2010, and it’s growing by 800-1,000 people every month. One impact of that growth is that there is now enough capacity for two concurrent snowball fights, instead of just one, which I captured in 2010 (see this link for that video).

As you can see from the curve, Washington, DC is headed back to its war-time peak of 900,000 people, which may require a third or fourth expansion snowball fight in future blizzards 🙂 .

I see these images / experiences as a proxy for a happier and more resilient community during times of stress. See for yourself in the video, which covers both locations, Dupont Circle and Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park, in our nation’s capital (of course).

The world watched David Bowie pass away a few days before this was filmed, so I’ve chosen a soundtrack to recognize the talent that he brought to our lives. Enjoy.

Comments welcome as usual.

Ted Eytan, MD