Partnering for Health: The #TotalHealthForum hosted by Kaiser Permanente and the NBA

TotalHealthForum with Kaiser Permanente and NBA 0400
TotalHealthForum with Kaiser Permanente and NBA 0400 (View on

You know you’ve arrived when the words Total Health are in your job title 🙂 (literally or figuratively)

As the tweet says, I know more about biology than I do about basketball, but I’m crosstraining in the human spirit…and I have to give credit to Shana Selender (@Shay_On_Words) for help with that one, it fits though!

I enjoyed my time because I learned that more parts of the world understand their role in producing total health. As Greg Adams, Group President of Kaiser Permanente said, anyone can partner with anyone to improve health. In the case of Kaiser Permanente it’s with organizations like the NBA and also with organizations like Oakland Schools.

I like being part of a health system that’s partnering with the community in the interest of health, and I know we’re not the only one, so more total health for all.

I also really appreciated the words of Swin Cash (@SwinCash) across multiple dimensions – from avoiding distraction (as she called it) as a youth to make great achievements in her life, to her comment about organizations leading in promoting diversity in their workforce.

She brought up this photo, taken in the early days of Barack Obama’s Presidency:


When people see people like themselves serving purpose, they can see a future for themselves doing the same. If you’ve read this blog, you know that resonated.

The event itself was run really well – I really liked that there was a break in between each session – it makes complete sense in the most social city in the United States. I’m going to copy this as a template for success.

One last thing. Devon Boggan and the City of Richmond Office of Neighborhood Safety brought this year’s Operation Peacemaker Fellows to the tipoff reception at the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth). It was the fellows first trip to Washington, DC. First trip to the East Coast. First time on an airplane. They made an impression.

Devon told me that Kaiser Permanente assisted with the establishment of the Office of Neighborhood Safety – part of our total health mission.

I like when we co-host things. I like when we partner.

I <3 this century 🙂

More photos below, click to enlarge. Thank you NBA (@nbacares) for your partnership.

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