New VA Clinic Opens For Transgender Vets : NPR

The Tucson Veterans Affairs hospital is expanding treatment to the needs of trans veterans, one of the first such facilities in the U.S. to do so. The clinic’s services include hormone treatment.

Source: New VA Clinic Opens For Transgender Vets : NPR

Of course this is great.

And I agree with this quote.

While the VA offers pre- and post-operative treatment for trans vets, it does not cover the cost of or perform gender reassignment [sic]* surgery. Perez-Padilla says covering the surgery would be the next logical step as the VA moves to providing equal care to everyone.

“If a veteran has an onset of cancer or a heart condition and needs a transplant — anything that might arise after they’ve served, we take care of it. We serve all who have served,” Perez-Padilla says.

I trained at this VA hospital in medical school. It was a place where some of the things said to me by other doctors were not in the spirit of acceptance or inclusion. I quoted them in this post: Doctors know : It Gets Better

It has gotten better.

I love this century :).

*Gender Confirmation or Gender Affirmation is the more appropriate term.


Ted Eytan, MD