Just Read: Syllabus for “Transgender Care at Group Health” Continuing Medical Education Course – Feb. 2016

Thanks to colleague Rosemary Agostini, MD, for sending this on to me.

And this is why Group Health (@GroupHealth) is a magical health system of the future – being excellent for some is not good enough, and understanding that every health issue benefits from coordinated care:

About the Course
In recent years, the transgender community’s visibility has increased both locally and nationally. However, Group Health’s delivery of essential health care services to our transgen- der patients has been fragmented. Through this CME, we hope to begin formalizing transgender care within our care delivery system. is CME will focus on the transgen- der community and their unique health care needs; services available to help providers evaluate and treat transgender patients; the integral roles of mental health, medical, and case management strategies in transgender health care; and networking within Group Health to identify col- leagues who can help coordinate the care of this group of patients.

Equality Equals Health, and for this population, great health care promotes equality. We saw the future clearly during the KP Lantern project, which was that a prevention-oriented, coordinated care approach, would allow us to deliver great outcomes that are affordable for our members, but more importantly, life and health sustaining for the people we serve.

We’re excited for Group Health to experience this reality as well.

Any provider may register this program, as well as for the 2016 Kaiser Permanente first annual national LGBTQ Health Symposium, which will be held in Universal City, in May 2016. We’ll be featuring Harvey Makadon, MD, from the iconic Fenway Health, and Gail Knudson, MD, from the iconic Vancouver Coastal Health and WPATH, which she is currently President of.

Ted Eytan, MD