Photo Friday: Hug Timer continuing its world embrace, this time with turkey

Traffic Meetup 3
Traffic Meetup 3 (View on – Photo by M.V. Jantzen)

I so love the innovation of the Washington, DC community, which is the highlight of this week’s Photo Friday. It shows the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health’s (@KPTotalHealth) hug timer deployed at this month’s Transportation Techies (@TechiesDC) meetup.

More about the hug timer here: The Hug Timer : A respectful way to guide and show gratitude during discussions

The photo, shows, by the way, that the hug timer does not require a hug or physical space invasion. It’s proper (and recommended) to check with each speaker what their preferred method of gratitude is at the completion of the gift of their knowledge. It’s the gratitude and the recognition that is required, in whatever form it’s given, in costume or not 🙂 .

Photo not taken by me (Taken by M.V. Jantzen @MVS202). Photo not taken in Washington, DC, but close enough (Arlington, Virginia).

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