Everyone Values Equality: Thanks for a great evening TEDxMidAtlantic and DC Office of Human Rights

#TEDxEVE totally appropriate & not that big a deal - I ❤️ it DCHumanRights! #safebathroomsDC
#TEDxEVE totally appropriate & not that big a deal – I ❤️ it @DCHumanRights! #safebathroomsDC (View on Flickr.com)

We weren’t allowed to take photographs of the speakers (@TedXMidAtlantic has their own great photographers), but this is the best photograph anyway.

I’ve used multi-stall gender neutral restrooms at events before, but never at a venue like this (an upscale theatre). And… it was no – big – deal.

TedXMidAtlantic Salon 2015

Besides producing an evening of exposure to great leaders, devoted to gender equality, our DC Office for Human Rights is doing work to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring – posting on that soon, but here’s a preview:

And of course on challenging safety norms in society through the #SafeBathoomsDC Campaign (see: Just Read: Peeing in Peace: What we need to know about designing healthy spaces in health care).

One more reason we like living in the nation’s capital, the most protective of any State in the United States of the diversity of our community.

Ted Eytan, MD