Yes, that is a 90% Hypertension Control Rate

The results are in from what is considered the report card for health plans in the United States, and these results are kind of amazing.

I was reminded of this when I was at the #DesignForAction conference in Washington, DC, where in one of the sessions about health, the current United States’ rate of blood pressure control was bemoaned to be around 50%. This figure is sadly true.

Except at Kaiser Permanente.

Like I said, amazing. The number is 86% across Kaiser Permanente, 91% for the number one health plan in the nation, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States, which is also number one in 7 other measures.

In the Medicare population, it’s even higher, 94% across Kaiser Permanente, 95% in Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States.

-> 95% <-

That means that 5% of Medicare members do not have their hypertension under control. Unheard of.

The 50th, 75th, 90th, and 95th percentiles for blood pressure control are


Every Kaiser Permanente region is above the 95th percentile.

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Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States is #1 in the nation at 90%, every Kaiser Permanente region is number one in the state it operates, except for Kaiser Permanente Northern California (88%). It’s #2 to Kaiser Permanente Southern California (88%) 🙂 .

Overall, Kaiser Permanente is number 1 in 21 measures, out of 83 total measures, across 5 domains of care.

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Source: Kaiser Permanente Share | Being the Best Saves Lives: Kaiser Permanente Leads the Nation in 21 Quality Measures


Ted Eytan, MD