Design for Action is having its second ever conference, Washington, DC, 11/2/15!

It happened / full house! W the engaging bermster #designforaction
2014: It happened / full house! W the engaging @bermster #designforaction (View on

Disclosure: I am a volunteer Board Member for Action Design Network:

a community of nearly five thousand practitioners and researchers interested in exploring the use of behavioral economics and psychology in the design and development of policies and products that help people take action to improve their lives. We organize monthly events in Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington DC, as well as the Design for Action conference to bring together researchers, designers, product managers, and entrepreneurs to learn about cutting edge behavioral research, and how to practically apply it to policy and everyday consumer products.

This is year two of the Design for Action (#DesignforAction) conference, and it’s actually happening within Washington, DC, in a very cool venue, the Carnegie Institute for Science, right in dupont/logan circle.

The semi-fun part for me is watching how the Action Designers themselves use behavioral science to promote participation – the next tier of registration pricing takes effect September 26. Revenue is used to promote and offset costs for the meetups in the six action design cities.

Register here. See you there.

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