Presentation/Photos: Quantified Community, Population Sensors at WalkHackNight, Transportation Techies

WalkHackNight Transportation Techies 08547Fraser McLaughlin and Stanislav Parfenov from @Eco_Counter and @Placemeter. Innovating to make places safer and healthier. (View on

What a great meetup!

Walkhacknight happened at the world-famous Mobility Lab (@MobilityLabTeam) in Arlington, Virginia. Our host/organizer, Michael Schade (@MVS202) supported some special innovation including:

  • The Hug timer, developed at the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth)
  • Healthy Picks, developed at Kaiser Permanente, helping people bring healthy and tasty food to any event. The strawberries and grapes were devoured!

It was great to learn what Eco Counter (@Eco_Counter) and Placemeter (@Placemeter) are up to – which is lots of innovation, plus favorite innovator/co-founder Stephanie Nguyen (@Nguyenist) who unveiled Landmark (@GoLandmark)

I’m attaching my slides below, and photos below that. Feel free to share. And note that 148,000 people have walked past the Center for Total Health since January, 2015!

Quantified Community: Sensors + Visualization tools to promote walking from Ted Eytan, MD



Ted Eytan, MD