Presenting Quantified Community at #WalkHackNight August 20, Transportation Techies Meetup

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Getting ready to go to Transportation Techies Meetup (@TechiesDC) this week for a very special (and requested) Walk Hack Night:

Walk Hack Night is a show & tell of projects, apps and data visualizations about pedestrians and the walking experience.

There tends to be less data about walking and the pedestrian experience relative to other modes like bikeshare and public transportation that regularly publish data about their operations.

…until now. I and others will be talking about population level technology, that unlike wearables, can provide privacy-protected information about the movement of people through a community.

Looking in the way back machine, I actually first spoke about “Quantified Community” in 2012 (see: Quantified Community: Visualizing the health and illness of Washington, DC through open data and art) and again this year when our pedestrian sensor was installed (Quantified Community: Using population sensors instead of wearables to track health).

The lineup is exciting (to me): Fraser McLaughlin from Eco-Counter (@Eco_Counter), and Stanislav Parfenov from Placemeter (@placemeter), both of whose technologies we’ve been engaged with at the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth).

Plus one of my DC innovation siblings and designer extraordinaire, Stephanie Nguyen (@Nguyenist), will be demo-ing the Landmark app (@goLandmark).

And because The Center for Total Health will be present, Techies DC will be catering using our healthy picks guidelines. Thanks Erin Meade (@Erinm81) for being our healthy picks supporter from afar.

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Hooray for walking, data, and health, for as many people as possible + <3 DC.

Ted Eytan, MD