The Stunned Silence in front of the White House in Rainbow Colors

Celebrating a new America #lovewins 58234
Celebrating a new America #lovewins 58234 (View on Flickr)

I wanted to capture the relatively stunned silence of the very large crowd that gathered in front of the White House (@WhiteHouse) as it lit with the colors of the rainbow.

Stunned because of the recognition that a symbol, an institution, that for so long explicitly excluded Americans from the opportunity to achieve their life goals was now in complete opposition to its past, in the most beautiful way.

My community colleague Susannah Fox (@SusannahFox) and I once went on a walking meeting and stopped in front of it during this time period (pre-2008) with this understanding in mind. It was hard to reconcile the respect for the office on the one hand, and its behavior on the other hand.

Now, it’s hard to believe that other White House even existed. It serves best as a distant memory of a past generation.

Institutions are not static. Our generation has the power to change everything. Love always wins 🙂 .

More photographs of the moment are here. All are creative commons licensed, feel free to use.

Ted Eytan, MD