Representing Kaiser Permanente’s Green Energy Program at the White House Summit on Climate Change and Health 6/23/15

Renewable Energy Infographic 52943Renewable Energy Infographic, source: Kaiser Permanente Share

As the title of the post says, I will be attending and speaking at the White House Summit on Climate Change and Health tomorrow: Your Health and Our Environment: How Can We Protect Both? | The White House

The event will be livestreamed at the link above.

I’m looking forward to sharing information about Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to green energy: Kaiser Permanente Share | Kaiser Permanente Makes Major Wind and Solar Energy Purchases

Details in the attached infographic. What I’ve learned being a Permanente physician is that there are things that can be done to protect our communities’ health. I’m passionate about this topic because I care about our health system’s ability to heal and not harm, for all humans. Climate change disproportionately affects vulnerable populations and is a powerful social determinant of health.

There’s a hashtag you can use to ask questions: #ActOnClimate. See you tomorrow maybe.


Ted Eytan, MD