A few photos taken on the way to the future #SCOTUS #LoveMustWin #WalkingMeeting

SCOTUS APRIL 2015 LGBTQ 54663 (View on Flickr.com)

I normally walk to work through history, this time I walked to work through history being made, as the United States Supreme Court heard arguments for marriage equality.

#activetransportation w #scotus pit stop #steppingthroughhistory

#activetransportation w #scotus pit stop #steppingthroughhistory (View on Flickr.com)

In an awesome confluence of events and social movements, I was participating in a roundtable co-hosted by the American College of Sports Medicine (@ACSMNews) and the Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy (@KPIHP) on creating a Call to Action on Making Physical Activity Assessment and Prescription a Standard of Medical Care. Of course that roundtable of medical leaders was going to have walking meetings, and we walked to the future, while talking about the future. Two social movements coming together.

Isn’t it great how all things Total Health are so related….

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Ted Eytan, MD