Photo Friday: The Beauty of History: McMillan Sand Filtration Site, Washington, DC USA

McMillan Sand Filtration Site, Washington, DC 51380
McMillan Sand Filtration Site, Washington, DC, USA (View on Flickr)

I took this series of photographs in January on a personal tour of one of Washington, DC’s most iconic potential park sites, the McMillan Sand Filtration Site.

I was reminded to post them here when I saw an article about the site in Archictect Magazine (@ArchitectMag) by Caroline Massie (@caroline_massie) that featured these in the story:

The Future of D.C.’s Abandoned McMillan Park | Architect Magazine | Urban Design, Urban Development, Developers, Development, Mixed-Use Development, Historic Preservation, McMillan Park, Frederick Law Olmsted

Like many parts of Washington, DC, this one is filled with history. The story of what will happen to this site, and the will of the people and the community is one about the future of our cities and spaces. The McMillan site is a reminder that the dialogue isn’t over – Washington, like many cities, is still becoming what it is going to be. And it’s still gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of the photographs:

Ted Eytan, MD