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KPLantern Synthesis 54135
KPLantern Synthesis (Watercolor effect – View on Flickr)

This week is synthesis for KPLantern, the project of the Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consultancy (@KPInnovation) to understand the health and health care of people who are transgender, using a human centered design/fieldwork approach.

This is my first time doing this, and there’s nothing I’ve done like it before. Lots of post-its and care given to the stories and experiences encountered in our field work to date.

Watercolor effect is used to protect the information on the walls. It’s very visual.

The t-shirt is worn in honor of our colleagues in Canada, at Vancouver Coastal Health (@VCHhealthcare), who took the time to share their experience serving people who are transgender, so we can do a better job serving people who are transgender.

More photos of synthesis can be found here.

Ted Eytan, MD