MakerDocsDC February: Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing (+ some side things)

MakerDocsDC February 52365
MakerDocsDC February @1776 – Photo taken by @mvs202 (View on

Forgot to post the update from February MakerDocsDC (whoops – want to keep a record of these on here), which did happen, at the wonderful 1776 Campus (@1776) in Washington, DC (of course), with co-hosts Nishi Rawat, MD and Kevin Maloy, MD (@MaloyKr). We ran into transportation data whiz Michael Schaede, who took the photo. All in the innovation family!

“Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing” (quote: Steven Covey, brought to us indirectly by @DrEdTori) turned out to be the theme of our get together, as we reviewed what our main things were currently and/or what we wanted them to be. As Makers/change agents, we tend to have some side things…. It’s a good exercise. Try it.

See everyone in March.

Ted Eytan, MD