I AM excited to be part of XXinHealth’s sixth annual women’s retreat

And I'm the man (barely) 😀 this is fantastic XXinHealth #ally
And I’m the man (barely) 😀 this is fantastic @XXinHealth #ally (View on Flickr.com)

The title of the post says it all. I will be present this year, where I have the honor of facilitating a discussion with Vivienne Ming, Entrepreneur and Scientist (@neuraltheory).

We’ll be addressing the concept of a “Post-Gender Business World” which is totally cool, because of my passion around the subject (which is slightly palpable), mostly and significantly because of Vivienne and the other people in the room. As a famous pop star once said, our generation has the power to change everything.

They are taking over the boys club, The Harvard Club of New York, and I am delighted excited to be there with this group, not just as an honorary woman, as an ally and with allies.

Thank you Halle Tecco (@HalleTecco) Robin Strongin (@DisruptiveWomen) and the XX in Health (@XXinHealth) team for creating the vision. A lot of us came to health to ensure that all people have equal access to it. And why shouldn’t they. The human species depends on it. Our communities and society is more enjoyable because of it. And…. love always wins 🙂 .

See you on March 31, feel free to nominate yourself or a colleague to attend.

Ted Eytan, MD