Photo Friday: iMac and Mark I, Harvard University Science Center

Harvard University Cambridge MA USA 52434
iMac and Mark I (View on

This week’s photograph is taken in not-the-usual-city as I am currently a student in the Kaiser Permanente Executive Leadership Program at the Harvard Business School (@HarvardHBS @HBSExecED).

On a walk off of the Business School campus, we found the Harvard Mark I computer, which now exists as a renovated display as of 2014 in the Harvard Science Center. I just thought it was interesting to see it in the shadow of a modern day iMac.

The Mark I could do 3 additions or subtractions a second. iMac – 3.5 billion instructions a second, x 4 processors. 15 years ago, the Mark I would probably be living in the shadow of a Windows PC. 10 years before that, probably a Macintosh. Times change.

More photos from our excursion, below (click to enlarge), and here’s an article from the Harvard Crimson in 1952 about the opening of the Mark I’s successor, the Mark IV.


Enjoy the time there. I really fell in love with Harvard and would repeat the entire program if allowed because it was that incredible. Say hi to Nirav Shah for me 🙂


Definitely in discovery mode of how I can serve better (because I always can). Re your task – done, to the other member of your fan club here :),

Ted Eytan, MD