#KPLantern is coming to Portland, Oregon, transgender person/community connections requested

#KPLantern is continuing, and it’s going really well, with field work in California completing now.

The team is coming to Portland, Oregon next and is looking for connections to the community, to continue field work. This includes interviewing individuals, shadowing them in life activities, attending groups and cultural events.

The dates are listed in the attached flyer and they are February 24-27, March 10-13, March 17-20.

If you are a member of the trans* community in Portland or have ideas suggestions on how this team can engage, feel free to contact Katherine Duong at Kaiser Permanente (katherine.t.duong (at) kp (dot) org).

Conversations will be kept confidential.

The Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consultancy (@KPInnovation) is an incredible group that uses human centered design principles to connect the experiences of the people we serve, the people who serve them, to better health and health care.

There’s more background about KPLantern here, and a brief summary:

Lantern is a project that Kaiser Permanente is undertaking to gain insight into the diverse experiences, challenges, and goals of being a transgender person in our current society and use that insight to better design health and care resources and experiences for our transgender members.

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