Photo Friday: Goodbye Google Glass #Throughglass

Lincoln Memorial Throughglass 27267
Lincoln Memorial Throughglass 27267

I believe I took some pretty cool photos using Google Glass (click here to see a gallery). When I first joined the explorer program, I wanted to find the most symbolic place to take a picture, and be the first person in the world to do it. I think I succeeded, on the 50th anniversary of this:

Lincoln Memorial - "I Have a Dream" Throughglass 27268
Lincoln Memorial – "I Have a Dream" Throughglass 27268

Below is the text of the email sent to the explorers yesterday, just for posterity. The decision to sunset the program is a good one. The magic of Glass was the newness, the connections, the interactions with other people (#GlassMakesFriends), the moment I saw a fellow physician’s eyes and brain light up with a mushroom cloud of excitement the moment she saw the display…

The last time we grabbed the Center for Total Health’s (@KPTotalHealth) pair to show it someone, it was in an endless reboot loop that we couldn’t stop. I think it may still be there, in that state. Maybe that was a signal that it was tired and ready to go home. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for helping demonstrate that human beings are amazing.

Hi there,
It’s been an exciting ride. Since we first met, interest in wearables has exploded and today it’s one of the most exciting areas in technology. We asked you to be pioneers, and you took Glass further than we ever expected. We’ve learned a ton, we’ve “graduated” from Google[x] labs, and now we’re hard at work and you’ll see future versions of Glass when they’re ready.
Since we’re focusing all our efforts on the future, we’ll be closing the Explorer Program on January 19. We realize you might have questions about what this means for you. New feature development on the Explorer Edition will stop while we work on the next version of Glass, but you can still call or email us anytime with questions, thoughts or feedback.
In the meantime, we’ve created Glass Vol 001 to honor you, our Explorers. It’s a collection of photos and stories from the early days of Glass.
The Explorer Program was started to get Glass into the hands of early pioneers who would forge the way. You’ve taken Glass to the edges of the world, from the streets of New York to the tundras of Antarctica. You’ve captured miracles every day, from your wedding vows and your child’s first steps to new ways to save lives. You’ve humbled us by taking what we started and doing more than we ever could have dreamed. Let’s celebrate your bold and brave steps into an uncharted world.
Thank you for being part of the story. We’ll see you in the next chapter.
The Glass Team

Ted Eytan, MD