The Anatomy of Obamacare

via The Anatomy of Obamacare by @Gladwell

“It’s at moments like this that Brill’s book becomes problematic. The idea he is describing is called integrated managed care. It has been around for more than half a century—most notably in the form of the Kaiser Permanente Group. Almost ten million Americans are insured through Kaiser, treated by Kaiser doctors, and admitted to Kaiser hospitals. Yet Brill has almost nothing to say about Kaiser, aside from a brief, dismissive mention. It’s as if someone were to write a book about how America really needs a high-end electric-car company that sells its products online without being the least curious about Tesla Motors.”

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Disruption serves to enhance and broaden ideas. Brill should rethink his aim for a more inclusive healthcare conversation where critics elucidate a lens for more comprehensive examination. Thanks for the insight here.

Ted Eytan, MD